Category: Guys

Casey, Rochester senior

I started photographing Casey on his Rochester High School baseball diamond.  We shot in pretty bright sun and I brought some bigger studio strobes to overpower and darken the sky.  After Casey brought out his guitar and I put him on top of one of the dugouts.

Cameron high school senior

Cameron graduated early from Clarkston HS and still wanted his senior portraits.  We started at the paring lot behind KH home, down by the creek, went into the small alleyways by Clarkston State Bank and then outside in front of the bank. We later had a studio session where I played with a ring light some.

Clarkston Senior Noah

Photographed Noah in and around Clarkston. We started at some of the nooks and alleys near Morgan’s and the Wood Shop, shot a bit in the sun along Depot Road and finished up at Depot Park.