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High School Senior Photography – Clarkston, MI

This is a senior from Clarkston High School in Clarkston, MI.  As you can see he is really in to music and the trombone.  He is also in the marching band.  We came up with the idea to do a shot with his trombone inspired by the movie poster for Scarface.  I also shot some of the moody  lighting music shots I do, strong side lighing with a black background.

High school senior photography – Our lady of the Lakes

This senior is graduating from Our Lady of the Lakes in Waterford, MI and wanted pretty simple shots.  We choose to go out in the field for some simple shots in the trees right about sunset.  He also wanted a shot with his guitar for his senior high school photography, so we stayed in the studio after we shot the studio lit portrait for the yearbook.

Motorcycle senior, high school photography

Greg from Waterford with his cycle.  We took Greg and his bike out to an abandoned road and let him run through a couple turns and then burn up some back tire.  Greg did a great job of making a lot of smoke ans really leaning into the corners.  This was a first for me for high school senior photography.  We later went to the fields around the studio and got shots with one of his best friends.

High School Senior Photography – Clarkston, MI

This another high school senior from Clarkston High School.  As you can see he is in the marching band and has a twin brother we shot photographs with.

We started in the studio, covering the yearbook shot and then went on to do some studio lit portraits.  We later went to downtown Clarkston and shot in walkways between buildings.  And lastly I went to the football field at the high school after a home game and got him on the field for some off camera night time location photography.

As with a lot of teens he had a few blemishes.  All final images I deliver are re-processed with greater care, get general retouching to brighten teeth and eyes and then get specific retouching to remove blemishes if needed.