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Senior pictures of Clarkston High School football player

Senior pictures of a Clarkston High School football player.  We started at the football stadium bleachers and back steps where the student carried the football and wore his varsity jacket.  We later went to Depot Park in Clarkston for some nice natural lit portraits using some large trees for a background.  Again later in the morning we went to some of the walking alley and stairs in downtown Clarkston, MI,

Downtown Detroit urban senior pictures

For this senior, he wanted an urban feel and location to his senior pictures. We went to the back side of the train station just outside downtown Detroit.  We found some great backgrounds for this morning location shoot.  We both liked the very graphic graffiti and rolled doors.

High School Senior Photography, Clarkston, MI

Here is a young man from Clarkston High School with images of his high school senior photography.  We shot in and around downtown Clarkston, in the walking alley, at the outdoor seating for Union Woodshop, in the parking lot between The Union and Kinetic Bicycles and against the wall at The Clarkston News.  This was a early morning shoot, so we had the sun streaming in from the east and it backlit the senior in the alley.

Clarkston High School Senior photography

Here is a Clarkston High School Senior we photographed in and around Clarkston.  We started at Clarkston United Methodist Church at the big white pillars and brick steps.  We then went to downtown Clarkston and shot on Main Street putting the student right in the middle of the road, on the bank steps and in some alleyways.  Number 84 also plays for the Clarkston Wolves and we got him after a game on the field with him in his uniform. Modern high school senior photography.