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Senior pictures for Anna

Anna is a Clarkston MI resident attending Notre Dam Prep and we shot in and around Clarkson.  We started at Clarkston United Methodist church at the big white columns, where a few years earlier I photographed her sister.  The light was just perfect.  I was able to place Anna in shadow and the sun was illuminating the white doors with beautiful back light.  We then went down to the creek and had a lot of back-light with Anna walking in the water.  Next was Depot Park on the green bridge, shot some at the gazebo, with help from a local hipster, Anna with the dogs, Anna with her Mother and sister and then Anna walking the dogs.  We then went into town on Main Street and had Anna walk down the middle with very courteous drivers.  We finished the evening with shots right by the old Clarkston State Bank Building.

Senior Pictures studio, field and lake

Senior pictures of a Traverse City high school student.  We started in the studio with some glamour lighting with a sparkle background.  As always, she was a little tentative with being photographed at first and you can see, she quickly warmed up and looked much more comfortable and genuine.  I even got a great smile and genuine laugh with the hair blowing in her face.

We later moved to the barn (yes the back corner of our barn is painted orange) and fields by the studio.  The sun was in the perfect position for the strong back-lighting.  The rest of the shots were done at her Aunt’s lake house.

Rochester High School Senior photography

We did not get to this high school senior for her photography session until late fall.  We were still able to get some really nice shots in and around my home studio.  The weather was perfect and we had the setting sun as she walked through the fields.  Love the sun just in the frame, back-lighting this young woman beautifully.  Her mother said she does not like getting her picture taken.  After a bit of talking and explaining, I feel I was able to get her very comfortable in front of the lens.  I think her ease and confidence shows in the images.  Mom and daughter are very happy.

Clarkston high school senior photography, Kailan

Kailan is a very active senior that runs track and plays basketball for Clarkston High School.   We had a couple beautiful fall days with bright sunshine and yellow fall color.  We photographed Kailan at the stadium track, the Clintonwood Park for basketball and then off to Indian Springs Metro Park in Waterford.  Kailan brought along some cultural attire for some of the shots.