Simple studio High School Senior photography

Had a Clarkston senior high school in the studio this evening for some simple studio high school senior photography.  We started with the yearbook shot in a shirt, jacket and tie.  That went well and we moved on to something a little more creative.

I moved and reduced the lighting for something a bit more dramatic, went with a dark background with the key light off camera right with a bit of hair light and background light.  I chose some pretty aggressive editing in Lightroom just to play a little bit.  When finalizing the images I will likely reduce the edit some by about half.  All of the image have basic retouching, remove blemishes, whiten eyes and teeth just a bit.

I then decided to do a high key, bright version.  The student changed to a simple white v neck t-shirt for something simple.  I used white paper as a backdrop and over lit it about 1 stop and moved the key light more center and high.

Mark Kelly, MPKseniors is a Clarkston based portrait photographer.  Give him a call to schedule a senior high school sitting 248 238-8611