High School Senior Pictures

These are High School Senior Pictures of a daughter of a friend to the family.  She really did not want anything more that the mandatory shot in the yearbook and Mom convinced her to at least go out and try.  She was glad we did.

Being from Clarkston, MI the family chose to shoot at Depot Park.  The park has many different places to shoot and is a wonderful venue.  The student had a couple different changes of wardrobe from a jean jacket to a nick dark simple dress and a simple sundress.  I really like the black turtle neck with pearls.

We shot near the gazebo and I did a few shots trying to work the backlit sun into the shots.  We then went across the stream and used one of the huge oak trees as a backdrop.  This student happens to have the prettiest eyes, so I chose to use a very shallow depth of field to highlight the eyes

Mark Kelly, MPKseniors is a Clarkston based portrait photographer.  Give him a call to schedule a senior high school sitting 248 238-8611