High School Senior Glamour Shoot

This is a High School Senior Glamour Shoot I did with neighbors and a few of my daughter’s friends.  I had a hair and makeup stylist come in and do the girl’s hair and apply makeup.  In most cases the girls wear little to no makeup, so the amount and style of makeup was a bit unusual for them. In all cases the girls were happy with the results and process.  I think every girl used at least one of the images for prints for part of their senior year experience.

This was a chance for me to play with lighting and working with no models to get the best of them.  I used a florecent ringlight for some of the shots.  I shows an unusual doughnut like reflection in the eye, very even lighting on the face and an unusual reflection around the model.  Some of the other shots were done with a beauty dish.  We even broke out a fan for some of the shots.