High School football player senior pictures

High School football player senior pictures. I did the first part of this football players session at the Clarkston High Schools football field.  We put the student up near the press box with the team logo in the background, did some additional portraits of him sitting in the bleachers, did some with him on the back stairs and finished up the stands with the sun coming through the bleachers underneath the stands.  The student then changed into a shirt and tie for some strongly back lit shot at the fence and in the field behind the stadium.  We had him do his best Joe Cool (none of the kids know what that is) leaning against the fence. After that he changed into his football uniform.  We were able to put him on the field and the AD turned the lights on for us.  We got some pretty dramatic shots of the player with the stadium

A couple days later the student came to the studio where we did his yearbook shot and a handful of additional studio portraits.  He wore his varsity jacket and a “Joe Cool” white t-shirt.