Clarkston High School Senior photography

Clarkston High School Senior photography.  As you might have guessed by all the shot at the stadium, this senior plays football for the school.  We had a bit of a cloudy day that started at the football field and stadium stands.  We later went to Depot Park and shot on the traditional green bridge near the gazebo and then on a grassy knoll just near the kid’s playset.  We had to wait a couple times for the kids playing on the playsets to clear our background.  The fall colors at the park added a nice splash of color.  At both locations the skies were a bit gloomy and very evenly overcast.  This kind of lighting can make for nice portraits, a bit boring and safe, but nice.  I wanted to snap things up a bit so I added off camera flash for most of the shots.

This was a pretty basic Clarkston High School Senior photography session.  We only went to two locations and the student only had one wardrobe change, varsity letter jacket on and off.  I took about an hour total and Mom and Dad were very pleased.